Our Charges

We understand that no two legal situations are the same and our pricing structure is designed to reflect that. We pride ourselves in offering a range of options for our legal fees, to ensure you can find the right fit for your business needs.

Fixed Fee Consultation

Our Fixed Fee Consultation is our standard service that is offered to all new clients to ensure we fully understand your business and the background of the case. The consultation lasts up to one hour and can be done either via telephone or in person. The Fixed Fee Consultation is charged at a fixed rate of £180 (+VAT) and this service includes: –

  • Consideration of the background of your situation;
  • Advice on the circumstances and your intended actions (such as restructure, redundancy, disciplinary, grievance, etc.);
  • Advice on the risk of any Employment Tribunal claims;
  • Advice on the potential value of any Employment Tribunal claims;
  • Advice on appropriate next steps;
  • Future funding options; and
  • We confirm our advice in writing.

Fixed and Capped-Fee Arrangements

Following your Fixed Fee Consultation, you may decide you wish us to undertake further work on your behalf. For example, you could ask us to draft a dismissal letter or a response to an Employment Tribunal claim which has been issued against you.

To ensure our service is tailored to your needs, we will provide either a Fixed or Capped quote of our charges, depending on the nature of the work. We will discuss this with you in detail before any further instructions are received which ensures you know exactly what your legal costs will be.

Hourly Rate

Following a Fixed Fee Consultation with one of our Employment Lawyers, we may advise that you have an issue which does not lend itself to a Fixed or Capped Fee as you may only require intermittent advice. In this case, we can offer you an Hourly Rate to give you more flexibility. We will always provide you with an estimate of what our fees are likely to be and explain the work we intend to do beforehand.

Employment Tribunal Funding

Our Fee estimates below are calculated on the basis that the defence of your claim progresses all the way to a final hearing at Employment Tribunal, although many cases settle before. Whilst we have set out below an estimate of defence proceeding all the way to a final hearing, we will always provide a case specific estimate during our Fixed Fee Consultation:-

  • For a straightforward case, we would estimate it would take between 25 – 30 hours. This is usually to defend a claim for unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal which does not have any complicating factors.  a
  • For a more complicated case, we would estimate it would take between 30-65 hours. This is usually to defend a claim for unfair dismissal which also has another claim such as a discrimination type claim, which complicates the defence.
  • For a complex case, we would estimate it would take between 65-115 hours. This defence would have multiple types of complicating factors.
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